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While liking an afternoon of togetherness, Lutro helps Chrissy Fox out of her tee-shirt so that he can write a fleshy message on her back with lipstick. Rubbed by her boyfriend's thoughtfulness, Chrissy makes sure that Lutro is rewarded in the most sensuous way possible. She commences by smooching her way down his pecs until she reaches his already-hard stiffie. After a rapid gobble to taste his salty goodness, she lodges in for a lengthy lusty ball-sucking and blowjob.Loving every moment of Chrissy's super-steamy gullet all over his dick, Lutro plans his next budge in this sensuous game. He ultimately gets his opportunity to act, pulling Chrissy forth so that the redhead's cream-colored naked cooter is placed above his mouth. Within moments he has Chrissy squirming and screaming in rapture as he paws her clittie with his masterful tongue. Turning Chrissy onto her mitts and knees, Lutro peppers her back with smooches and then postures his stiffie right at the needy entrance to her body. Finding her cute and wet, he shoves nut sack deep in a single stroke and then heads to work pumping his thighs in a tempo that they both can enjoy. When Chrissy shifts onto her back and stretches her gams broad to accommodate Lutro's continued cooter pounding, their mutual lust is endless.Rolling onto her side, Chrissy pulls her knees up to her pecs to completely open herself for another plump of fulfillment. Lutro is blessed to curl up behind his girlfriend, continuing to pump away so rock-hard that her utter globes shiver with every stroke. Chrissy's screams of enlivenment get bigger higher and louder with every passing moment until she ultimately gushes in ecstasy, cramming the apartment with her orgasmic song.Getting back on her mitts and knees, Chrissy comebacks to the stance that she luvs the highly greatest so that Lutro can proceed to work her in the direction of another release. He takes things slower this time, but Chrissy is already primed and prepped and it's not lengthy before her delicious fuckhole is once again pulsing. Lutro is right behind her this time, letting out at the last 2nd so that Chrissy can reach around to guide his jizm load to frost her ideal ass with his love.

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