Alexa: Anal Manhandling, POV Swallow


Video Description:

Submissive, longhaired redhead Alexa Nova makes eye contact with Toni Ribas' POV camera through a long ass fucking scene. In red net lingerie, the blue-eyed mega-slut orally worships Toni's feet, nut and boner. He porks her meaty, shaven pussy. Alexa greases her asshole. Toni pumps her thick, milky rear, and she likes her ass fucking flavor in an ass-to-mouth BJ. She rubs her clit to get off on the sodomy. He manhandles her with slapping, smacking and choking. The POV camera puts stellar grinning Alexa's bouncy cheeks in your face. Toni sticks his thumb in her sphincter with his prick, and he contorts her for extreme rectal reaming. She screws back on his cock in reverie. Alexa kneels to stroke/suck jizz into her mouth and swallow it.

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